by romain Brunel

What is the ideal outfit to excel in Grappling?

In the world of combat sports, the Grappling holds a special place thanks to its unique combination of wrestling techniques, submissions and ground exchanges. In order to practice this sport in the best conditions, it is essential to choose suitable and comfortable clothing that will allow optimal freedom of movement while providing the necessary protection during training and competitions.

The key characteristics of a Grappling outfit

To practice Grappling, your outfit must meet several essential criteria, including:

  • Comfort : a flexible and light outfit facilitates the execution of complex movements and limits the risk of inconvenience due to friction.
  • Resistance : clothing must be able to withstand the tensions and extreme demands associated with the practice of Grappling.
  • Ventilation: It is essential that the materials used promote air circulation and the evaporation of perspiration in order to limit the feeling of discomfort and the risk of irritation.

Choice of bottom of the outfit

In Grappling, two main types of pants are generally adopted to make up the bottom of the outfit:

  1. Elastane pants: also called "spats", this type of pants provides very good muscle compression and promotes blood circulation. It perfectly fits the shape of the body, offering incomparable comfort and ease of movement.
  2. The short : Prized for their lightness and flexibility, shorts are often worn during training sessions and during competitions without a kimono (no-gi). Shorts dedicated to Grappling generally have a wide, elastic waistband for optimal support.

However, it should be noted that some practitioners opt for traditional attire such as kimono or gi , especially when they are also adept in related disciplines such as Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Choice of top outfit

For the top of the outfit, there are two main options:

  • The rash guard: clothing specially designed for the practice of combat sports, the rash guard is made from a flexible material which guarantees excellent muscle compression. Its reinforced seams give it great resistance to tears and allow unrivaled freedom of movement. At Rashu, we specialize in these compression tops! You can find our different rash guards if you are interested! grappling rashguard
  • The cotton t-shirt: even if it is less technical than the rash guard, the cotton t-shirt is sometimes tolerated during training sessions for its simplicity and low cost. Despite everything, it absorbs moisture more quickly, can tear under the stress of Grappling and offers less suitable muscle compression.

The advantages of clothing specific to Grappling

While some practitioners opt for basic clothing such as simple shorts or cotton t-shirts, many The advantages of outfits specifically designed for the practice of Grappling should be highlighted .

The performance gain

The elastane material used in the design of spat pants and rash guards helps to improve blood circulation and elimination of toxins to reduce the risk of injury. This compression also creates a “second skin” effect which allows better perception of the body in space during Grappling movements.

Better hygiene

By quickly absorbing perspiration, technical clothing helps to limit bad odors and skin irritations due to friction on the skin. In addition, they provide a physical barrier between your body and that of your partner, thus limiting the risk of transmitting bacteria.

A customizable outfit

With a wide choice of designs and colors available, Grappling-specific outfits allow you to stand out while showcasing your personality. Many manufacturers today offer rash guards and pants with original patterns , to combine style and efficiency on the tatami.

Tips for maintaining your Grappling outfit

To preserve the quality and effectiveness of your Grappling outfit, it is essential to follow a few maintenance rules:

  • Cold washing : this allows you to best preserve the technical properties and color of your clothes while limiting their shrinkage.
  • Drying in the open air : do not use a tumble dryer which could damage the elastane material of your spats and rash guards. Prefer natural drying in the shade to preserve your outfit longer.
  • Avoid fabric softeners: this type of product can affect the breathability of the fabric and reduce the performance of your outfit during training.

In conclusion, choose technical clothing adapted to the practice of Grappling in order to maximize your comfort and your performance during training sessions and competitions. Do not hesitate to invest in specific clothing such as rash guard and elastane pants, which offer many advantages both sportingly and aesthetically!