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Joining the Rashu family of ambassadors means taking on the role of leader within a community of fierce fighters. It's wearing our rashguards designed for performance and resilience, it's sharing a vision where every training and every fight is a step towards greatness.

We invite athletes from all backgrounds , who see in every challenge an opportunity to shine, to collaborate with us.

As an ambassador, you will benefit from exclusive offers and premium equipment to excel in your discipline.

If the fighting spirit resonates within you, if the passion for competition flows in your veins, it is time to take the step towards a rewarding collaboration .

Let's join forces to celebrate the tenacity and courage that push us all to surpass ourselves.

To explore the prospects of a vibrant partnership and for more information on our affiliate program , contact us via the form below or directly on our email . With Rashu, don the outfit of victory and become the standard bearer of the fighting spirit.

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In the arena of sport, where determination and daring build champions, Rashu seeks athletes who embody the strength and spirit of competition. Your dedication to surpassing yourself, your commitment to the quest for excellence are the qualities we look for in our ambassadors. We can’t wait to hear your story.

Become the Embodiment of the Fighting Spirit with Rashu

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