Vortex Energetic Rash Guard - Men

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By putting on our Vortex Energy Rash guard , you will embrace an unparalleled dynamism that transcends the ordinary o...
  • Innovative Material
  • Optimal Compression
  • Superior Stretchability
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Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
  • Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
  • Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
  • Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
Men's Rash Guard Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu

Find out why our rash guards are your best option

Rash Guard Rashu Classic Sport T-Shirt
Material 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane Cotton or Synthetic Blend
Stretchability Four-way Stretch Limited
Compression Optimized for Performance None
Friction Protection Excellent: Flat Anti-Irritation Seams Low
Temperature Regulation Superior Variable
UV Protection Full UV50+ Protection Rarely
Design Exclusive Designs and Unique Style Basic
Comfort Ergonomic Design for Premium Comfort Classic

The RASHU x adidas Collab

Explore the uniqueness of our unique partnership: the Rashu x Adidas cap, an icon of elegance and dedication, designed for sports connoisseurs with strong tastes.
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adidas dad hat Votre Rash Guard, Votre Mérite | Rashu
Rashu x Adidas Cap White and Black

Rashu x Adidas Cap White and Black

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Our Rash Guards: Your Second Skin

In the arena of surpassing, Rashu elevates the sporting experience to its pinnacle. Our Rash Guards, designed for excellence, are the perfect combination of technology and comfort, transforming every workout into a quest for performance.

Reinvent Effort : Our Rash Guards, true innovations, follow and energize each movement, revolutionizing your sporting practice. They are not limited to one discipline, they are the key to a multitude of summits to conquer, whether in Jiu Jitsu, bodybuilding or during your most intense fitness sessions .

Unleash your Potential : Our Rash Guards, designed to perfectly fit every movement, offer four-way stretch that supports your body during exercise and relaxation.

The comfort they provide echoes your highest aspirations, transforming each workout into an unconstrained conquest, where each breath carries you further.

“Incredible fabric quality”


“A rash guard that is both soft and comfortable”

Frequently Asked Questions

The Essentials of the rash guard

What is a rash guard?

The Rash Guard, or compression shirt, is a sports garment that protects against skin irritation, is useful in water sports and fights for its compression which improves circulation and muscle recovery.

A Rash Guard for which sport?

The Rash Guard is ideal for combat sports (like Jiu-Jitsu and MMA), water sports, fitness, outdoor activities and ball or racket sports, providing protection and comfort.

What are the advantages of a Rash Guard compared to a classic t-shirt?

Rash Guards outperform traditional t-shirts by providing muscle compression, reduced irritation, thermal regulation, durability, UV protection and improved aerodynamics, suitable for a multitude of sports.

What composition for the Rashu Rash Guards?

The Rashu Rash Guards combine comfort and technicality with soft fabric , four-way stretch for flexibility , an optimized design for a perfect fit, flatlock seams for robustness, and are carefully manufactured for superior quality. Post-use rinsing is recommended to maintain their performance.

How are Rashu Rash Guards different from other brands?

The Rashu Rash Guards stand out for their unique design , with varied patterns ranging from animalistic to tactical, a cutting-edge technical specialization , a diversity of styles for all tastes and optimal comfort thanks to extensibility and seams adapted to the 'sports activity.

Are our Rash Guards suitable for training in cold weather?

Yes, Rashu Rash Guards are ideal for training in cold weather, providing compression that preserves body heat without restricting mobility.

Are Rashu Rash Guards suitable for all body types?

The Rashu Rash Guards, available from XS to 3XL, adapt to all body shapes thanks to their stretch fabric in all directions, ensuring comfort and personalized fit for everyone.

Will my Rash Guard Rashu deform over time?

Our Rash Guards are easy to maintain: rinsing with clean water after use is enough to remove residue.

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